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The Art of Closing the Gap

In a wonderful instance of serendipitous timing, DGB Global is proud to announce that our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has just been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia (RA) – coinciding with Reconciliation Week around the nation.


Our very first Reflect RAP is now accredited and included on RA’s website. DGB staff are encouraged to share and promote our RAP throughout our networks. Thank you to our terrific RAP Committee and to the broader team for getting us to this first stage of our journey toward reconciliation. 


DGB Global is dedicated to participating in and contributing to reconciliation and equality for First Nations peoples. We believe that organisations and businesses in this country should consider doing what they can to address closing the gap – and also invite other organisations to come on this journey.


Perhaps it is even more critical for organisations in the fundraising and for-purpose arena to embrace reconciliation. DGB Global currently works with various First Nations charitable organisations and individuals. It’s essential for our business to understand the issues involved.


Of course, we don’t have all the answers but in our line of work we see many forms of social injustice, and we intend to address it in whatever ways we can – through our work and also by leading by example and sharing insights.


We feel it is morally imperative to step up and to play our part in this significant national movement.


DGB’s RAP is our formal statement of commitment to reconciliation. The Plan outlines the ways in which we are endeavouring to create and maintain meaningful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, under the guidance of Reconciliation Australia (RA).


Good intentions must become resolutions that are then converted into actions. A RAP plan needs to be endorsed by RA, with their assurance that objectives are appropriate and realistic.


As part of our efforts, and to feature in our RAP proposal, DGB has commissioned an original artwork by Wiradjuri artist Jessi Rebel, titled ‘Connection’, which is illustrated below.


It represents the work and the community of DGB, with links and pathways between people and places, coming together to create a vibrant energy which guides us in our striving to make change.


The digital artwork painting, conveys flow, connection, expansion and power, with its strong lines and bold colours.


Jessi currently resides in Wadawurrung Country, and her art practice represents a strong connection to the living world and the way Jessi lives her life – with a love of Country Guiding and surfing.



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