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What we do

The trends in today’s world of philanthropy point to a rise in the importance of major donors and large donations over traditional retail fundraising. 


While the overall number of donors and donations is shrinking, the size of top-level gifts or donations is increasing. 


DGB delivers campaigns with a focus on securing major gifts for our clients.

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The DGB Promise

With an unwavering commitment to your cause, we are dedicated to crafting and executing transformative fundraising and advancement campaigns that breathe life into your mission. 
We work end-to-end on delivery of all campaigns with a fully-integrated team, where strategy meets creative execution, under one roof. 
We use fundraising strategies and methodologies that have been tested in the field for over 40 years. 
DGB will guide you to the right donors and unleash the full potential of your fundraising campaign. 



nurturing donors and ensuring campaign longevity


Public Phase

casting the net wider and celebrating success


Quiet Phase

soliciting leadership gifts


Preparatory Phase

preparing campaign foundations


Readiness Phase

assessing the potential for a successful campaign

The DGB Process

DGB undertakes a 5-phase campaign methodology.

Each stage in the process is crucial to ensuring the success of a transformational fundraising campaign.

Our Clients

Major Donor
& Bequest Programs

Major Donor and Bequest Programs formalise ongoing stewardship and solicitation of major donors into a club whereby membership is renewed via an annual ‘untied’ gift.

Philanthropic Strategy

It is not uncommon for some for-purpose organisations that have grown from small beginnings into large non-government organisations to have little-to-no philanthropic support and to lack a robust fundraising strategy. 


Based on world’s best practice, DGB delivers philanthropic strategy development for organisations using the Total Development Fundraising Plan model, a framework that integrates all forms of fundraising into a practical and sustainable philanthropic roadmap.


In addition to funding buildings and other physical infrastructure, comprehensive campaigns can also include research, operational costs, education, sustainability and other mission-aligned needs in one single campaign.

Comprehensive Campaigns are reserved for achieving the largest revenue targets of any fundraising methodology and DGB is expert in delivering on that transformational promise.

We make change

We create transformational fundraising campaigns.


We share our clients' vision – to make the world a better place.  


We are a professional fundraising consultancy which delivers capital and comprehensive campaigns, philanthropic strategy development, and major donor and bequest programs.


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