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Plan International

Building a culture of fundraising and a comprehensive major donor program.

Plan International


Engaging funders at the top end of market is a challenge for all development groups, especially engaging the Board in fundraising processes and ensuring personalised pitch documentation is of the highest standard. These are often the most significant contributing factors to the success of campaigns.


PLAN needed to be able to develop documents at short notice to take to market, that could deliver powerful messaging and emphasise need through imagery, coupled with a concise case for support. Bringing the organisation’s Board into these bespoke materials through carefully curated photography meant an immediate connection with the process and credibility in the eyes of the donor.

Working directly with the Board Chair, Subcommittees, CEO and Development Executive, our approach was to develop a universally agreed approach to participating in the major donor process, from identification to preparation, ask and ultimately on-boarding of partners and supporters with quality collateral.

The resultant asset library, framework for constructing pitch documentation and the agreed donor solicitation process is cutting edge in the industry.

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