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As the global landscape of philanthropic investment evolves, so does the need for impactful initiatives. Today, we're witnessing a rise in newly established family offices, trusts, PAFs and foundations, driven by a wave of younger philanthropists embracing a more altruistic mindset.

In the dynamic realm of fundraising, it's evident that substantial, game-changing contributions are pivotal for organisations aiming to reshape society at scale. The importance of presenting a compelling case, attracting donors and ensuring long-term engagement remains constant.

Considering a strategic major donor program or campaign as the catalyst for organisational transformation is great; but you absolutely must make sure you are ready.

🔍 Assessing your readiness for transformational fundraising

Is your organisation prepared for transformative philanthropy? Explore these six considerations:

Fundraising alignment to your strategic plan: Does your fundraising program align closely with your strategic plan? Ensure your 'why' is supported by the 'how.'

Board and governance: Is fundraising a board-level priority and does your governance structure support fundraising success?

Networks and connections: Do you have loyal donors who can introduce you to new networks?

Market position: Do you understand what sets you apart in the market?

Resources: Do you have the right fundraising professionals to work with sophisticated philanthropists and volunteer leadership?

Supporter sentiment: How do your donors really feel about you? How do or will they respond to you in a campaign setting?

🚀 Beyond the vision: Prioritise due diligence 🚀

Success in fundraising demands more than a vision – it requires diligent assessment. Before launching a major program or campaign, prioritise due diligence with a fundraising readiness or campaign readiness review. 

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