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When fewer donors = a much greater amount raised and a far more significant impact realised.

Less is More

With a disciplined approach and specialised focus on securing major gifts, this fundraising goal can absolutely be achieved.


The trends in today’s world of fundraising and philanthropy indicate a clear rise in the importance of major donors and ‘major gift’ donations over traditional (expensive) retail fundraising. In recent years, we have witnessed the overall number of donors and donations shrinking, yet the size of top-level donations is increasing. 

Sophisticated donors require a far deeper, structured way of connecting with organisations. It’s about real engagement in dreaming big. It’s about finding the few who are personally invested in the cause, who can lead, who will give at high levels, and who are looking to achieve serious, lasting impact and drive systemic, generational change.

There are long standing, best practice models that deliver successful engagement structures to address these challenges. We would love to say we invented the strategy and methodology, but it’s been around for many years – it’s tried and tested. It works. 


Much more than simply raising money, a comprehensive campaign is a major fundraising initiative, which looks beyond a set revenue target for a set asset. It has a transformational impact on an organisation and its beneficiaries, its culture and stakeholders. It can also be a powerful change management tool when designed strategically to achieve organisational development objectives.

A comprehensive campaign is a program that draws on both traditional fundraising methodology and contemporary communication techniques to access all philanthropic opportunities in a unified movement. In addition, these campaigns also build the necessary platforms for long-term, sustainable fundraising success.


Donors give in alignment with their values and their hope for a better future. Their decision to donate is as much about what the organisation stands for, the impact it delivers and its values as it is for a specific major project. The donor journey begins here and should last a lifetime.

Comprehensive campaigns are successful due to a relatively small number of lead major donors. These campaign ‘leadership’ gift donors are typically sophisticated philanthropists and investors, seeking large-scale impact with their gifts and will comprise just a small percentage of all the donors to a campaign 


An expertly executed comprehensive campaign is an evolution of the ‘capital campaign’ model that simultaneously coordinates multiple campaigns into one. It sets up a long-term total development plan for the fundraising arm of your organisation, driving major donor lifetime value for years to come.  


Dr Steve Francis, Managing Director, DGB Global.

DGB Global works with for-purpose organisations to deliver bespoke capital and comprehensive campaigns, build fundraising strategies, and create major donor and bequests programs.

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