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Reflections: FIA National Conference Brisbane 2024

“The FIA National Conference in Brisbane reminded me why I got into this work”


The FIA National Conference in Brisbane this year was truly inspiring. It was so good to catch up with old friends and meet new people from our industry. I was super proud of my colleagues – particularly Peter Dalton and Luke Toebelmann, who gave a terrific talk called The Six Fundraising Dilemmas – they were so professional and amazing.


It’s great for professional development, but personally, I always find it even more beneficial that all the inspiring and motivating stories at the FIA Conference remind me why I got into the for-purpose sector in the first place. 


At the conference this year, one of the final sessions was presented by a Ukrainian organisation called Tabletochki (@tabletochki) which means ‘SmallPill’. They raise funds and provide services to kids with cancer. And the two women who presented Olga and Svetlana, spoke of the challenges they face – not only as a fundraising organisation but as a service provider – in the midst of a war.


Their talk resonated with me as to why I got into this in the first place: I have been doing charity and community work my whole life. In my late twenties I realised I could make a career doing something that meant I could give back and try to make the world a better place.


At the conference, you not only learn, but it’s a time when you re-ignite the passion around why we do what we do. These two women were so inspiring: their story of courage and fight and grit; their ability to pivot – in not only dealing with their own emotions and families and loved ones – and to then actually prioritise working to raise money for other people…


I left the Conference crying: I left inspired, motivated and so grateful. And also knowing that I need to work harder to improve this world; to help save it.

Samantha Moffatt, Campaign Lead, DGB Global

DGB Global - FIA Conference 2024

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