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Stu Chapman is an award-winning creative and marketing specialist based in Australia. He has over 20 years of design and marketing experience working across a variety of industries locally and abroad. Stu received the award for Music Video of the Year as Creative Director/Producer for Unknown Water at the Gold Coast Music Awards in 2016 amongst other accolades for his contributions to the creative industries over the years. He continues to strive for excellence in all that he does.

Stu approaches his work with a keen focus and enthusiasm on bringing ideas to life and connecting people with the right brands, products, ideas and services. For the past 20 years Stu has been specialising in branding and visual storytelling across various platforms, leading teams and creating solutions with a defined and tailored approach for his clients needs.

Stu’s strengths lie in visual storytelling across traditional and emerging media. He has the ability to generate inspired creative environments and shines when connecting with people in a collaborative space. Stu’s unique ability to connect marketing, strategy and campaign activations with a strong design aesthetic and function is a reflection of the industry experience and knowledge garnered over two decades in creative roles.

Stu thrives when working in inspired environments with opportunities to create exciting experiences and creative solutions.


Stu Chapman

Stu Chapman
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