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Amy Gillett Foundation

The approach towards advocacy and philanthropy in this passionate arena proved challenging. Foundational, engrained behaviour requires both emotion and pragmatism for honest cut-through.

Amy Gillett Foundation


Amy Gillett was a true member of Australia’s athletic elite. The nation shared the grief of her family and team mates when she was tragically killed whilst training in Germany in July 2005. Amy was committed to sport, having had a successful career in rowing that saw her represent Australia at the Atlanta Olympic Games, before becoming a champion cyclist. But sport was not her only passion. Her commitment to academic endeavours was widely acknowledged. Amy had a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science) and Honours in Human Movement. Amy had commenced her PhD which was to study how women react to life after sport, irrespective of their level, achievements and profile.


Simultaneously, AGF and DGB sought to address, not only advocacy and the wider road behavioural element, but fundamentally change the way Australians use the road networks.

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